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We are passionate about enabling relationships – person to person, company to client, colleague to colleague. We recognise that how we initially listen and respond can make or break connection.

Our Being Rock model grew from years of experience listening to people in the most challenging of situations and realising that what they needed most, before being offered solutions or transferred to someone more appropriate, was to be heard in the moment.

We are all living through challenging times. Never before has interpersonal connection been so important – both in the workplace and remotely. As our clients also struggle, they too need our support and attention. Being truly heard over the phone or in person can transform how our customers perceive and value our service.

But our mental health matters too. Hearing someone can be hard – they may share anger, grief, pain and loss. Being Rock offers not only a roadmap for listening but also for ‘listener’ self-care.

We’ll support you to listen, empathise and then signpost effectively, while retaining your own well-being.

Our training is about being there for others and also ourselves.

Our Services

Bespoke training programme.

Your organisation is unique, so we believe in making our training relevant to you. We offer award-winning experiential listening training; well-being workshops and staff training on bereavement support.

Speaking Services Hearing-u

Speaking services

Motivational keynote speaker Mandy Preece, founder of Hearing-u, offers thought-provoking insights that redefine how we listen in this shifting era of workplace dynamics

Online Training

Virtual training programme

Our training can be delivered face to face but also in a virtual online environment.

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