What is hearing-u?

The next step in listening: creating connection through communication

hearing-u redefines communication within your business and beyond. This award-winning listening training grew from the hard-won realisation that there is a huge gap between someone listening and someone feeling heard. We offer solutions to fill that gap, ensuring that you build strong interpersonal relationships throughout your working environment.

The workshops and talks offer a very unique perspective on how to utilise the power of the softer skills (presence, observation, reflection and empathy) to transform relationships and enhance your business reputation and employee well-being. We give you practical skills and insightful methods to forge connection.

hearing-u also explores what can impede our listening and how to overcome our instincts to reply before someone feels heard.

Being a Rock for someone, whether they are the cleaner, a customer or the CEO, is at the heart of our training – so that everyone in and around your business feels supported.

hearing-u is flexible experiential training that can be adapted to your organisation’s needs and challenges.

We would be delighted to connect with you and see how we may enhance your client connections and employee well-being.


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