Online training programmes.

Online training programmes

listening, virtually.

Listening in a busy work environment can be challenging at the best of times. It can be even more difficult in a virtual situation or over the phone. All our training is designed with this in mind.

Online training programmes.

virtual listening skills training.

Connecting with customers or colleagues virtually, whether over the phone or on a screen has become centre stage in communication. However, it adds extra challenges when we are listening. 60% of our communication is through body language and often that is the ‘language’ of the body rather than just the face. Losing the connection in the virtual world means that our emphasis must shift to listening not just to what is said but how it is said. Intonation and silences become more meaningful.

Our workshops are designed with this this in mind. We offer tips and solutions to ensure your listening remains impactful so that your clients and fellow employees feel heard.

Our virtual classroom.

We recognise that many of us now experience ‘screen’ fatigue and it can be hard to focus on training delivered virtually.

Our training sessions are your training sessions. Our virtual workshops are interactive and engaging. We are all about connection and collaboration. We focus on participation, sharing and collective experience.

While we do offer all-day workshops, we recognise that these can be too long.  We appreciate that shorter sessions delivered over a few days can be more impactful and allow attendees to develop their skills. Please talk to us about your needs and we can adapt sessions to match your time frames.

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