Bespoke training.

Bespoke Training

unique training for your unique business.

Your organisation is unique, so we believe in making our training relevant to you.

We offer tailored experiential listening training for senior leadership, HR and personnel; well-being workshops and staff training on bereavement support.

Masterclass Leadership

Senior leadership and HR master classes.

We acknowledge your work pressures and have created concise and motivating sessions to enhance and inform your personnel expertise and relationships. The sessions rethink listening so you can offer instant support to your staff when they need it.

Personnel workshops.

We listen to your personnel to understand their everyday communication challenges and create bespoke training to enhance their listening skills and connection with their colleagues and your customers. We will explore their difficulties and use our Being Rock model to address them.

Personnel workshops.

Well-being sessions.

Self-care is central to workplace welfare. We offer informative workshops empowering your staff to treat their mental health as a priority. We discuss the signs of burnout and give practical tools to respond to stress and anxiety that can easily be used in the workplace.

Loss listening.

Whether someone has suffered loss in terms of bereavement or the breakdown of a relationship, we understand how devastating it can be. We offer sessions for managers and HR to support colleagues facing grief. We also offer courses for client-facing staff to be able to respond to customers experiencing loss.

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