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We are passionate about transforming how we listen and respond to our clients and personnel. We believe that happy customers and staff are at the centre of a thriving organisation.

our purpose.

We support businesses to make ‘being heard’ a core component of their client and staff relationships. We believe that enhanced well-being in the workplace contributes to overall commercial success and creates positive working environments.

our commitment.

We will hear you first. We want to discuss your specific client and workplace challenges and deliver exclusive training tailored to your business. We believe in listening to everyone –  managers and employees – to create specific experiential training just for you.

our values.

We believe in creating positive change!

Unique: we offer a fresh and exciting new way to redefine listening in the workplace

Authentic: we create responsive training tailored to your needs

Passionate: we believe, in these challenging times, that listening and well-being are at the heart of business

why work with us?

Whether you are looking for focussed staff training on listening, well-being enhancement for your employees or simply an inspirational talk, we can deliver a bespoke response to your needs.

Bespoke Training from Hearing-u
Bespoke training programme

Your organisation is unique, so we believe in making our training relevant to you.  We offer award-winning experiential listening training; well-being workshops and staff training on bereavement support.

Speaking services

Motivational keynote speaker Mandy Preece, founder of Hearing-u, offers thought-provoking insights that redefine how we listen in this shifting era of workplace dynamics.

Online training programme
Virtual training programme

Our training can be delivered face to face but also in a virtual online environment.

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